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Age: 17    Ht: 5'6"   Wt: 135 lbs.

Deformity: Severe Congenital Asymmetry, Juvenile Hypertrophy and Ptosis of the right breast (DD cup) with hypoplasia of left (A cup), Class I Polands Syndrome

Patient was born with a severe congenital asymmetry deformity. Juvenile hypertrophy of the right breast and hypomastia of the left breast. This has resulted in a marked psychological disturbance as expected. She wished equalization and enlargement. She underwent reduction of the right breast with removal of 257grams of tissue and augmentation of the contra-lateral left breast with a 255cc prefilled smooth saline implant placed in a subglandular position thru a peri-areolar incision.

A favorable post-operative result is seen at 6 months.


Age: 23    Ht: 5'8"   Wt: 125 lbs.

Deformity: Grade III Severe Tubular Breasts and Hypoplasia

Patient was born with a significant breast deformity. She has a severe bilateral tubular breast deformity with a lack of adequate skin at the inferior portion of her breasts. She underwent correction of the tubular shape with a lollipop type lift or mastopexy and reduction of the areola together with partial retro-pectoral placement of saline implants.

Implants measured 445cc's bilaterally. A very favorable result was obtained as early as 6 months post-op.

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Age: 23    Ht: 5'5"   Wt: 138 lbs.

Deformity: Moderate Congenital Asymmetry

Patient presented with breast asymmetry. She developed a ptotic right breast and a small well-contoured left breast. She wished for equalization and small enlargement of both breasts.

Post-operative photographs at 9 months reveal equalization after an augmentation-mastopexy (lift) was performed on the right and a straight forward augmentation on the left. Implants were placed in a subglandular position bilaterally (345cc smooth-walled prefilled saline on the left a 255cc smooth-walled prefilled saline on the right).

Note: short chest with high positioned breast on chest-wall which limits implant size. A key-hole anchor incision mastopexy was performed on the right and a periareolar incision on the left.


Age: 24    Ht: 5'8"   Wt: 125 lbs.

Deformity: Tubular Breasts

Attempt at repair with Binelli circum-areolar lift. Performed elsewhere Note: misshapen breast with dilated areolas, snoopy appearance.

Pre-op: bilateral A cup breasts
Implants: Peri-areolar saline augmentation mammaplasty with 445cc smooth, regular, profile, prefilled saline implants (PIP)

Placement: Retro-pectoral position (subpectoral)

Photos taken at 5 months post-op


Age: 35    Ht: 5'6"   Wt: 139 lbs.

Deformity: Congenital Deformity of Left Breast with Marked Asymmetry

Reconstruction of left breast to restore symmetry

Vertical mastopexy

No implant used

Post-op photo:
Taken at 3 months

Deformity: Congenital Deformity of Right Breast with Marked Asymmetry

Deformity: Amastia (Absent Breasts)
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